Laulima Symposium

Honua Scholars invites you to attend our Laulima Symposium! This FREE event will have a variety of activities, speakers, and a FREE food for our in-person attendees. We invite young scientists, their families, teachers, and the broader community to come together and learn more about Hawaii’s scientific ecosystem and outreach projects!

Location: TBD

Date: Fall 2023

Time: TBD

The Laulima Symposium serves as a setting in which students can discuss contemporary science and engineering issues that impact indigenous communities while also sharing their work in science and engineering to inspire others and to open themselves up to new opportunities in STEM. Unlike most conferences, the Laulima Symposium targets broad participation from the community, which helps to create a collaborative and lively environment. As we encounter an increasing number of contemporary science and engineering-related indigenous issues ranging from topics surrounding land use, sovereignty, and education, we hope to create an inclusive environment in which all citizens of Hawaii can become informed and lead new movements. 

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