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*Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program consists of small groups of 2-4 undergraduates with 1-2 graduate student/industry mentors who have 2-3 meetings/semester. Mentees receive professional development and free gifts/meals along with the program. Registration for this program will be sent out via our email list in the fall, so subscribe above today!

Eligibility to be a mentee in mentorship program:

  1. Must be 18+ years old

  2. Must be interested in or enrolled in college

  3. Be interested in STEM or healthcare (Note: You don't need to be a STEM major!)

  4. Be interested in integrating Hawaiian values into STEM (Note: You don't need to live in or be from Hawaii!)


We are looking for motivated college students, graduate students, and recent graduates to volunteer and reach out and help students in our community. There is a specific portion of the application to indicate your interest in volunteering! Volunteers will have the opportunity to contribute in the following ways:

  1. Running workshops to teach skills (CAD, Coding, Making Graphs, Resume/CV, Personal Statements)

  2. Hosting/participating in a research talk, seminar presentation, or lab/worksite visit

  3. Serving as a mentor for a small group