Honua Scholars empowers students to pursue STEM careers and advanced degrees to be Hawaii's STEM leaders. Honua Scholars provides a diverse array of programming consist of mentoring sessions, drop-in professional development “I MUA” sessions, workshops, lab tours, student spotlights, speaker panels, and more. These key programs help increase retention in the STEM pipeline while also serving to help students understand how to integrate Hawaii's culture into their scientific endeavors and interests. The most important aspect of Honua Scholars is the creation of a network of future leaders who aim to empower others and to promote personal and professional development in STEM. 

If you are a professor, lecturer, or staff member at a college or university, we would be happy to do a short introduction talk to your class or department and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at info@honuascholars.org for more information!

Mission Statement: Our mission is to highlight Native Hawaiian value-based STEM practices, inspiring individuals from any background to facilitate a relationship between their career, their culture, and their community. 

Vision Statement: We aim to increase the overall interest of STEM in Hawaii and provide the tools, guidance, and opportunities necessary for our scholars with a connection to the islands to succeed in their respective fields.



We are solely affiliated with the Hawaii People’s Fund, our benefactor, and the Pacific American Foundation, our fiscal sponsor. Any other noted affiliation unless otherwise stated by Honua Scholars is unverified by this entity. At this moment the only partnered conglomerates with our organization have been clearly identified through our present media.


Is It is the purpose of Honua Scholars to mentor and enrich the futures of individuals intending to pursue a career in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math pathways. Our initiative seeks to imbue Native Hawaiian values via the mass education of our community, and as such our business model highlights the achievements of mentors with ties to the Hawaii community. That being said, we broadly accept potential scholars from all walks of life that wish to pursue STEM careers while perpetuating our organization’s ethical models.


Any and all future collaborative partnerships that Honua Scholars are associated with will work towards:


·      Raising awareness for the installment of Native Hawaiian values within educational pursuits.

·      The professional development of individuals with both Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian descent.

·      The growth of minority presence in the STEM community of Hawaii and further.


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