Dialogue Series

Come join us for a short talk and an informal discussion on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5 PM (HST)! 

Everyone is welcome—students, teachers, researchers, parents! You don't need to be studying STEM or be a student to join!




What is the Dialogue Series?  We meet every month to listen to a short 10-minute presentation (about research, a class project, job tips, resume advice, or general STEM happenings), followed by informal discussion and Q&A. 

Who is invited? Everyone is welcome to attend! You don't have to be a student or even studying STEM! We invite people of all backgrounds regardless of race or ethnicity to attend! We strongly encourage people in Hawaii and with Hawaii connections to join (ex. the diaspora). 

When do you meet? The third Wednesday of every month at 5 pm HST

Where do you meet? Most sessions will be on Zoom (link above), but occasionally some will be in-person

What is the goal of these dialogues? We are hosting these sessions to give people a platform to learn about STEM happenings in Hawaii and also to network with others in the local STEM community! 

What is given at the monthly raffle? We provide prizes such as gift cards or swag made possible through our sponsors! Join and see what you might win!

Can I present at the event? YES - we encourage people to volunteer to share your research, class project, job tips, resume advice, and more with the Honua Scholars network! If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact us at info@honuascholars.org

Do I need to talk during the session? If you are shy, feel free to leave your camera & microphone off and just listen into the discussion. You are not required to talk, but feel free to leave comments and send emojis/reactions during the sessions!

I am a teacher, can I have a list of attendees to give extra credit to my students?  Please contact us at info@honuascholars.org for more information!

If you or someone you know would like to give a short presentation at one of these dialogue events, please contact us at info@honuascholars.org! 

Use these dialogue sessions to share your research, class project, job tips, resume advice, and more with the Honua Scholars network!