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Honua Hangouts provides an opportunity for YOU to network with someone in STEM. In addition to student participation, we invite everyone in the community (aunties and uncles to teachers and firefighters) to use Honua Hangouts. We hope that Honua Hangouts opens up opportunities for collaboration, community, and career advancement for everyone and that this resource will Help Others Navigate, Understand, and Achieve.

How does this work?

1) Register - Subscribe to our email list today to gain access to the profiles (If you are interested in being added to our profiles (college students and older), please indicate so on our sign up sheet in the questions/comments or send us an email at hangouts@honuascholars.org). 

2) Contact - Check back in a week to see if you have access to the Honua Hangouts Profiles, then scroll through the profiles to find a mentor who you’d like to meet. Use their contact information to set up a meeting (in your email, cc: hangouts@honuascholars.org)! (if you still don't have access, please email us at info@honuascholars.org)

3) Meet - Meet and network! (ask questions about their career, their interests, or general advice)

4) Meeting Survey - At the end of your meeting, fill out our post-meeting survey together! As a bonus, you will be entered into a monthly raffle for prizes or gift cards if you submit a picture of everyone at your meeting! If you allow us to use your picture for social media, you'll get even more entries into the monthly raffle!

Note for those under 18: If you are under 18, you must have a parent/guardian/teacher present at your meeting, and must have a signed consent form. When contacting a mentor, please provide this consent form and cc hangouts@honuascholars.org 

Honua Hangouts Profiles

Honua Hangouts Profiles

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